About Me

I'm Jess and I'm a makeup loving, heel wearing, cocktail drinking shopaholic! 

I live in a cute seaside town in the UK and I love anything beauty and fashion related!

On my blog I cover a wide variety of topics including makeup looks, nail art tutorials, swatches & reviews of products and everything in-between. Anything that I feel I should blog about! I even throw in some cocktail recipes and ootd's here and there, so keep an eye out!

I started my own blog back in 2010. A few years later, that blog then turned into mine and my sister's joint blog. We then started a joint YouTube channel and put our blog on hold. I really missed blogging!! I missed taking pictures, editing pictures, trying new products, writing reviews, engaging with other bloggers etc. So I decided to start my own blog... again! 

Welcome to itsjessiejane!

My Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter: @itsjessiejane (or click on the icons to the right)
Mine and my Sister's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/itsjessiejane

You can contact me if you'd like; itsjessiejane@gmail.com

Thanks! xoxo

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