Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rimmel London | Volume Shake Mascara* Review

Hi guys,

I was very lucky and have been sent this mascara! It's a new mascara by Rimmel London. It's their Volume Shake mascara.

Now firstly I have to say that omg this is a heavy mascara!! Not heavy as in something you'd do squats with, but heavy compared to any mascara I own!

The really awesome thing about this mascara is that it has a shaker system in the bottle. So when you shake the mascara bottle, the formula inside is refreshed which means that it won't dry out and get clumpy. How incredible is that?!

I've worn this mascara to work for the past week and I really love it! It doesn't make under your eyes dark, some mascaras I've tried produce fall out through the day which makes my eyes go dark lol - not a good look!!

The wand is a good size, and the bristles are relatively soft. Some mascaras I've owned have hard bristles and I always stab my eye!! So I like to take note on what the wand bristles are like!

Have you tried this mascara? If so, let me know what you think! If you haven't tried this, what's your fave mascara? 

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New Sleek Goodies | Matte Liquid Lipsticks & Power Plump Lip Crayons ♡

I went into Boots and as I was walking past the Sleek makeup stand I saw that they had some new matte liquid lipstick colours. I was so happy because I have a few of their other colours and love them! 

These colours are sooooooo perfect for Spring, it's unreal!

Boots had a deal that if you bought one Sleek product you got a Power Plump lip crayon for free! The amazing thing is that you get a free one for every product you buy - it's not a one product rule! So because I bought two liquid lipsticks I got two Power Plump crayons for free! Happy days!

Below are swatches of the 4 products in natural light and with flash.

Shades from top to bottom:

Power Plump Lip Crayons
- Fully Fuchsia
- Colossal Coral
Matte Liquid Lipsticks
- Apricot Blooms
- Crushed Lavender

All these shades are so pretty and girly! They are so perfect for Spring!

The Power Plump lip crayons are really good! They sting like hell!!! Ok, they don't sting like hell, but you can definitely feel them working lol.

I'm so pleased I listened to my heart and not my mind telling me to save my money, because I really love these shades! Haha. 

Do you have any Sleek matte liquid lipsticks or Power Plump crayons? If so, what shades do you have? :)

Thanks for reading,