Monday, 19 December 2016

EOS Lip Balms ♡

Hi guys,

What's the one lip balm you reach for when your lips feel a bit dry? Vaseline? Chapstick? Anything you can get your hands on?

I've recently been using my EOS lip balm again. I keep it on my desk, along with other lip balms so it's always in reach whenever I have dry lips (girlies cant have dry lips!). One day I reached for it as all my other ones weren't on the shelf (they weren't there because I've used them and obviously been too lazy to put them back lol) and I completely forgot how much I like my EOS Lip Balm!

The one I've got is Lemon Drop. It's in this pretty pastel lemon packaging. It also tastes really nice lol!

I'd really like to try their Strawberry Sorbet lip balm or Pomegranate Raspberry one!

If you'd like to see the story behind EOS you can check it out here; flavours of eos lip balm.

Have you got any EOS lip balms? If so, which flavour do you have?

Thanks for reading,


  1. I really want to try EOS balms! They look amazing. Great review, Jess! I adore your blog so much!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  2. I've heard so much about EOS abut never tried them! Such a unique shape!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. EOS lip balms are my absolute favourite, I love the range of flavours they do! My favourite has to be Strawberry Sorbet (I think that's what it's called). Thank you for sharing! xoxo


  4. I am not a fan of EOS, i find they don't actually moisturize my lips but they do look cute i guess x

  5. I've heard so much about eos but I'm actually yet to try them. Reading this has made me want to get my hands on one even more now though! x