Saturday, 27 August 2016

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions* Review ♡

Hi guys - I have a very exciting post today!

I was contacted by Irresistible Me asking if I'd like to try one of their products. Straight away I said yes!! I'd seen a few reviews on the extensions they sell and they looked amazing! Plus, hair extensions are my life. I have so many sets in all different colours lol. So when they asked what I wanted to try, I asked for a set of their Silky Touch Clip-In Hair Extensions.

I asked for (and received!) 22 inch, 200g Silky Touch extensions in the colour Silky Chocolate Brown #2. Which can be found here, Remy Hair Extensions.

I'm really impressed with how these came. You get a single clip in extension which is used for you to test the colour of the extensions against your own hair, before opening the extensions. This means you can return them if they aren't your colour. This is really good because I know that buying extensions online can be a struggle - you can't compare the colour to your own hair until you receive them. So this was really handy and I think other companies should do this!

Luckily the colour of the extensions were a perfect match against my natural hair - woohoo!

Until taking this picture I never realised how long my hair actually is lol! This time last year I had it cut just below my shoulders! :O

They are soooo silky soft to the touch! I received them 3 weeks ago and have put them to the test!! I've curled them and straightened them - they are perfectly fine! They are durable and pieces of hair haven't fallen out. The clips can't been seen and can be easily hidden in your hair.  I can not fault these extensions!

These are one of the best sets of extensions I've ever owned, and if I ever colour my hair or the time comes when I'll need to buy another set, I will definitely be purchasing them from Irresistible Me!

Thank you again Irresistible Me for letting me try out your extensions - I love them!

Do you wear extensions? Do you own any Irresistible Me extensions? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Barry M Molten Metal & Boots Limited Edition Nail Varnish | Swatches & Review

I recently purchased these three nail varnishes from Barry M. Two of them are from their Molten Metal range and one is a Boots Limited Edition nail varnish.

All three of these nail varnishes are absolutely gorgeous! They all have a bit of sparkle to them. ✨

1. Molten Metal Copper Mine - a lovely copper-toned colour with rose gold, copper-bronze shimmer. 

2. Molten Metal Bronze Bae - a lovely bronze colour with gold and dark copper shimmer.

3. Boots Limited Edition Golden Sands - a gorgeous nude colour with a golden shimmer.

All three colours are so gorgeous!!

I'm currently wearing Copper Mine (I have for about a week now - I can't get enough of it!)

Let me know if you have any of these Barry M Nail Varnishes or any of the other Molten Metal range? I'd love to know what you think of them!

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Glossybox | August 2016 | Rae Feather Edition

Hi guys! It's a new month which means I have a Glossybox to share with you!

Glossybox have teamed up with Rae Feather to create this gorgeous Aug GB!
I love the colours - pink and grey always look lovely together.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette Starry Night, £4

This palette has such gorgeous shades in it! 😍 I've had an MUA palette in the past and I always forget how good they are! Can't wait to play around with the colours in this palette! 

Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask, £53

I'm excited to try this! It's made from all natural ingredients and tightens pores, hydrates, brightens and smooths skin - sounds amazing! The full bottle is £53 so for that price it really should be amazing lol.

Spa to You Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Brush, £6.99

This looks cool! Apparently the bristles have been designed to buff away dead skin cells - so good! I will have to give this a go and let you know how it is! 

Cowshed Wild Cow Inigorating Body Lotion, £20

This smells so lovely - so fresh! It has lemongrass, ginger and rosemary in, so you can imagine it to smell amazing! A little goes a long way with this - I'm hoping this little bottle will last a while :)

Rae Feather Mini Monogram Pochette, £20

This is a really cute little makeup bag! It's the perfect size to take away with you if you're away from home for a few nights. It won't fit a Morphe eye shadow palette in it lol but could quite easily hold mascaras, foundations, brushes etc. It's a decent size :)

Let me know if you received a Glossybox this month, or any other beauty subscriptions, and let me know what you thought of the products you got!

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Sleek Colour Corrector Palette | Swatches & Review ♡

I got my hands on Sleek's new Colour Corrector Palette - yay
I literally went into Boots every lunch break for about a week or so, waiting for it to come out LOL so sad I know!!

I love it!

This palette includes 6 different colours to help even out complexions and to colour correct skin.

  • Green - Neutralises redness. Great for concealing scars and blemishes.
  • Lilac Neutralises yellow. Ideal for brightening dull complexions.
  • Blue - Neutralises orange. Ideal for concealing freckles (that's if you want to cover up your gorg 'angel kisses'! That's what some people call freckles btw lol)
  • Rose - Adds radiance and evens out dark spots.
  • Yellow - Neutralises purple. Ideal for concealing under-eye circles on light skin tones.
  • Orange - Neutralises blue. Ideal for concealing dark circles on dark skin tones.

The formula is super creamy and really easy to blend. It can be blended out using a brush or a sponge - both are super easy to blend with.

Top to bottom: Blue, Lilac, Green, Rose, Yellow and Orange
I'm really glad I bought this palette. It has so many different colours which can be used on every single skin tone/colour/type everything

If you're interested in colour correcting or wanting to learn, then I'd defo recommend this palette! At £7.99 you can't knock it! Really good value for £££.

Let me know if you own this palette and what you think of it? Or if you colour correct? :)

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipsticks | Swatches & Review ♥

Top to Bottom: Ecstasy, Aphrodite, West Coast and Serenity
Hi guys! I recently got these gorgeous Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte lipsticks from Beauty Bay. I bought two last month and I loved them so much I went and bought two more!

I thought I'd do a quick little review and some swatches of the colours I got!

These matte lipsticks are so amazing! They are £9.50 each which does seem like a lot, but for the quality they are definitely worth it!

They are so pigmented and last all day. To give you an idea of how long they last, I would apply it at about 8am and by 6pm it's still going strong! It's still pigmented and lovely looking, doesn't go patchy.

Here are some swatches of the 4 colours I bought, so you can see how gorgeous they are!

Top to Bottom: Ecstasy, Aphrodite, West Coast and Serenity
These Hydra Matte lipsticks are really amazing and there are more beautiful colours to choose from.

Have you tried any of these Hydra Matte lipsticks by Gerard Cosmetics? What's your fave matte lipstick?? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,