Saturday, 6 February 2016

Nail Kandy Charms Haul

Hi guys,

Today's post is a little nail charm haul that I got from Nail Kandy Charms. I've never heard of Nail Kandy Charms but they liked one of my Instagram pictures and when I saw their name I was like "oooh I like nail stuff!" so I clicked on their Instagram and omg they have the nicest charms ever - so I ordered some!

Navette Pearl / Gold
Crystal Logo / Pink / Large
Bijou Cluster / Aqua Blue
Unicorn / Gold
Brightest Star / Black
Golden Rudder
Mermaid / Silver

Stiletto Full Cover Nails / Natural
Got these so I can do my sister's nails!

When my order came I also got these things for free - which I think is really sweet! They came in a little bag that said "Especially For You" which I thought was so cute lol.

I can't wait to try these out! Any nail art I do with these will be on my Instagram (@itsjessiejane) if you're interested. I may do a few nail art tutorials on here aswell :)

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