Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Glossybox | January 2016

Hi guys,

I got another Glossybox - yay! In this post I will show you what I got!

Firstly I got a face mask - Dermo Defense Face Mask by Unani. This is a herbal-based mask and is recommended for sensitive skin. It smells really nice and refreshing! I will definitely try this!

I then got this gorgeous matte lipstick by a brand called Teeez Cosmetics, in the shade Coral Onyx. I'm very excited to try this  because it's such a lovely colour, and lipsticks are my fave!

The next thing I got in my Glossybox is an eye shadow by Glossybox in the shade Glossy Mauve, It's a lovely satin eye shadow and very pigmented. It's such a gorgeous colour as well. I wear a lot of purple-y eye shadows so I'm excited to use this!

Without flash

With flash

Another thing I got in my Glossybox is this Cellular Repair Serum by Madara. I've never heard of this product or the brand, and at first I had no idea what tis was/did! As I'm writing this I've put a bit on my face and omg it smells of gingerbread!!! Love it lol! It smells kinda Christmassy, bit of a weird smell for a serum but I'm not complaining! The serum dries instantly and feels silky soft on my skin. I may start using this before bed!

The last thing I got is this make up sponge by Nicka K. Now, for those of you that read my last Glossybox post you may have realised that I received this sponge in my last Glossybox - yes I did! Glossybox emailed me and apologised for sending me a product I already received and said I'd get an additional item in my next Glossybox :) Although, I'm not bothered that I got the same item because my sister wants a makeup sponge so she can have this one lol!

Let me know if you received a Glossybox this month and let me know what you thought of the products you got!

Thanks for reading,

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