Sunday, 27 December 2015

Glossybox | December 2015

Hi guys,

Over the last year or so I've seen sooo many people post about the goodies they get in their Glossybox each month, and I've always wanted to sign up. I don't even know why I didn't sign up, but I just never did! Anywaaay, this month I decided to sign up! So I thought I'd show you what I got in my Glossybox.

So the first thing I got is this nail varnish from Nails Inc in the colour Uptown (if like me you now have Bruno Mars Uptown Funk in your head, I'm sorry!)

I really like this colour, it's a nice nude. I don't have many nude nail varnishes so I'm very glad I have this lovely colour to add to my nail varnish collection!

Another thing I got in my Glossybox is this blending sponge by Nicka K. I've never heard of Nicka K. I bought a blending sponge a few years ago but I didn't like it, and I didn't want to spend £6-£8 on something I know I didn't like just to try it again! So I'm glad I got this!

The next thing I got is this base primer from Emite Make Up. I used this today as a primer on my eyelids for my eye make up and I really do like it! It's thick but is nice and not too heavy when I put it on my eyelids as it thins out. I like how it dries instantly, unlike my current primer by Nivea that takes about 30 seconds to dry! (which I do love and wouldn't change!)

In my Glossybox I also got this lipstick by Bellápierre in the shade Ruby. I haven't used it yet but it smells a-ma-zing! I really can't wait to try it out - I do love a good red lipstick! I may do a fotd using this lipstick because I love the colour so much!

The last thing I got in my Glossybox is this body lotion by Royal Apothic. The packaging is beautiful! I used a bit of the body moisturiser on my elbows (sounds weird but I always moisturise my elbows lol) and it feels really nice. It does feel really light when I applied it, probably because I'm used to using thicker body moisturisers, but nevertheless it still feels like it's doing its job and moisturising! It also smells like roses. The smell of roses aren't my thing, but it does smell fresh!

Please let me know if you'd like a blog post dedicated to any of theses products I've shown above, and I'd happily do one.

If you'd like to sign up and get a Glossybox you can do so here.

Also let me know if you receive a monthly Glossybox. I'd like to know what you think of the boxes you receive!

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow Review

Hi guys,

I recently purchased these 3 Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadows by Maybelline.

L-R: Eternal Gold, Pink Gold, On and On Bronze

I got these from Boots. They do a range of other colours but these are the 3 that I thought I'd get the most use out of. However I now wish I got their nice purple/red colour called 'Metallic Pomegranate' - might have to get that one aswell!

I do really like these. They are very pigmented and a nice creamy texture. At first I did try to apply these with an eyeshadow brush but quickly learnt that it's easier to apply with your fingers! I think the heat from your finger tips helps melt the cream, making it easier to apply.

The packaging is nice. It's a little jar - looks like glass but I reckon it's plastic! I like the sticker on the lid because in the light it's all sparkly - love a bit of sparkle!

I might do a post on some different looks you can make with these eyeshadows pots as they're such gorgeous colours!

Let me know if you have any of these eyeshadows and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 29 May 2015

Faux Fur | ootd


So the title is a lie! This isn't an outfit I wore today! These pictures were taken last week, but I thought my laptop had broken (it hadn't - phew!) so I didn't get a chance to do a post!

This coat from Select Fashion was £35. It's so warm and lovely!

I love faux fur! I am dead against people skinning animals to make fur items. It saddens me that people can go around wearing real fur, knowing how much trauma and pain the animals go through, when in my opinion faux fur looks just as nice. I wish a lot of people would leave the poor precious animal's fur alone and wear the fake stuff!

I could rant on for ages about my hatred for people wearing real fur - but that can be another blog post!

Faux Fur Coat - Select Fashion
Top - River Island
Necklace - River Island (sorry - my hair covers it!)
Jeans - River Island
Boots - Primark

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Royal Blue | ootd


Today in England it's pretty warm (bit of a breeze!) but generally nice weather. So I decided to not put on a jumper and instead this royal blue top I purchased from New Look and my ripped/distressed jeans from River Island.

 Top - New Look
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - River Island
Bracelet - Boohoo
Necklace - Topshop
Earrings - Select Fashion

Thanks for reading,